Presbytery Prayer List

The Commission on Ministry invites all congregations in the Presbytery of North Central Iowa to be in prayers for one another throughout the year. We hope in this way to share the spirit and power of prayer as we reflect on our oneness in Jesus Christ. The North Central Iowa Presbytery Bicentennial History – 200 Years Celebrate the Journey book will give you more understanding of each congregation as you pray. If you do not have a copy of the book, contact the Presbytery office.



January 2, 2022 Presbyterian Mission Agencydeployed mission workers
January 9, 2022First, Maxwell CRE Adrian McMullen
January 16, 2022Salem, Lincoln
January 23, 2022First, KamrarRev. Bob EnTin
January 30, 2022First, LeRoy, Minnesota Rev. Dr. John Kerr
February 6, 2022Cedar Heights Community Presbyterian Church, Cedar Falls Rev. Dr. Dave Kivett and Rev. Johnny Janssen
February 13, 2022First, Fort DodgeRev. Dr. Austin Hill and Rev. Sara Hill
February 20, 2022United, Goldfield Rev. Sara Sutter
February 27, 2022First, State Center CRE Kelly Kopsa and Carol Tripp, Co-Pastors
March 6, 2022United, Traer Rev. Brice Hoyt
March 13, 2022First, ConradRev. Dr. Tom Bower
March 20, 2022First, Jesup CRE Dawn Person
March 27, 2022 United, Clarion Rev. Bill Kem
April 3, 2022First, Marshalltown Rev. Bryan Kunz
April 17, 2022 First, Waterloo Rev. David Feltman
April 24, 2022United, Garner CRE David Skilling
May 1, 2022Pray for the Ministers in North Central Iowa who are active in Specialized Ministry Rev. Dr. Linda Smith and Rev. Kerin Lang Sorensen
May 8, 2022First, Toledo Rev. Kerry Carson
May 15, 2022First, Greene Rev. Joan Thomas
May 22, 2022Unity, Waterloo Rev. Christine Kaplunas
May 29, 2022First, Mason City CRE Beth Ehlers
June 5, 2022First, Cedar Falls Rev. Julie Erkel Hagee
June 12, 2022Pray for honorably retired pastors in the Presbytery of North Central Iowa (not currently serving churches)
Rev. Bruce Baillie, Rev. John Bates,
Rev. David Beckmann, Rev. Fran Beyea,
Rev. Brad Braley, Rev. Doug Darnold,
Rev. Dan Emmert, Rev. Tamara EnTin,
Rev. Jerry Evelsizer, Rev. David Feltman,
Rev. Dr. Paul Fischer, Rev. Denise Group,
Rev. John Hanna, Rev. Wesley Harker,
Rev. Jack Mauldin, Rev.
Rev. Larry Mitchell, Rev. Gordon Moen,
Rev. Charles E. Orr, Rev. John Osborn,
Rev. Mark Pell, Rev. Mary Wilber,
Rev. Dr. S. Glenn Wilson, Rev. Cathy Young
June 19, 2022Pray for the PC(USA) Special Offerings:One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost,
Peace & Global Witness, Christmas Joy
June 26, 2022Pray for our ministry in the nation
July 3, 2022First, Boone Rev. John Pea
July 10, 2022First, Lakota CRE Kent Madison
July 17, 2022Pray for other Minister members of North Central IowaRev. Le Anne Clausen de Montes and Rev. Barbara Huisman
July 31, 2022 First, Ackley CRE Diane Martin
August 7, 2022 Northminster, Ames Rev. Jim DuBois
August 21, 2022 First, Albion CRE Charlie Flick
August 28, 2022Collegiate, Ames Rev. Dr. Brett Becker
September 4, 2022Theological Institutions related to the PCUSA
September 11, 2022Eden, Rudd Rev. Dixie Laube
September 18, 2022Greater Greene County Presbyterian Ministries
(Grand Junction, First; Jefferson, First; Payton First)
Rev. Kim Nofel and CRE Wendy Pittman
September 25, 2022First, Reinbeck and First, Grundy Center Rev. Steve Tyykila
October 2, 2022Bethany, Grundy Center Rev. Dr. Tom Wiles
October 9, 2022Lone Rock CRE Walt Reemtsma
October 16, 2022Barclay, Waterloo CRE Larry Fuson
October 23, 2022Central, Nevada Rev. John Molacek
October 30, 2022McCallsburgRev. Tom Poppe
November 6, 2022 Amity, Reinbeck CRE Darryl Widmayer
November 13, 2022BurtCRE Kent Madison and CRE Walt Reemtsma
November 20, 2022First, Woden CRE Diane Wilson
November 27,2022East Friesland, Ackley and First, Steamboat Rock CRE Lynn Arends
December 4, 2022St. Paul's, WashburnRev. Dr. Clemens Bartollas
December 11, 2022Grand Ji Vante (formerly The Presbyterian Village)Diane Martin, Chaplain
December 18, 2022Pray for the Presbytery StaffRev. Dr. Annika Lister Stroope, Administrative Executive & Stated Clerk
RE Amgad Beblawi, Mission Executive
Rev. Ian McMullen, Pastor to the Presbyteries
Jeannie Stolee, Office Manager
December 25, 2022Pray for The Synod of Lakes and Prairies Staff:RE Elona Street-Stewart, Synod Executive
Rev. Dr. Deb DeMeester, Leadership Development
RE Jim Koon, Financial Services and Treasurer
Rev. Pam Prouty, Stated Clerk
Amy Hartman, Financial Services Associate
Gretchen Milloy, Office Coordinator




Following are some sample Prayers from the Book of Common Worship published by Westminster/John Knox press in 1993

For the Church

Almighty and ever‑living God,
ruler of all things in heaven and earth,
hear our prayers for this congregation.
Strengthen the faithful,
arouse the careless,
and restore the penitent.
Grant us all things necessary for our common
life, and bring us all to be of one heart and
mind within your holy church; through Jesus
Christ our Lord.   Amen.

For the Mission of the Church

Almighty God, you sent your Son Jesus Christ
to reconcile the world to yourself.
We praise and bless you for those
whom you have sent in the power of the Spirit
to preach the gospel to all nations.
We thank you that in all parts of the earth
a community of love has been gathered together
by their prayers and labors,
and that in every place your servants call upon
your name; for the kingdom and the power and
the glory are yours forever.  Amen.

For the Proclamation of the Gospel

By your word, O God, your creation sprang
and we were given the breath of life.
By your word, eternal God, death is overcome,
Christ is raised from the tomb, and we are
given a new life in the power of your Spirit.
May we boldly proclaim this good news,
by the words of our mouths and the deeds of
our lives,
rejoicing always in your powerful presence;
through Jesus Christ our risen Lord.  Amen.


For a Meeting of the General Assembly, Synod, or Presbytery

Almighty God, in Jesus Christ you called
disciples and, by the Holy Spirit, made them
one church to serve you. Be with members of
our General Assembly/synod/presbytery. Help
them to welcome new things you are doing in
the world, and to respect old thing you keep
and use. Save them from empty slogans or
senseless controversy. In their deciding,
determine what is good for us and for all
people. As the General
Assembly/synod/presbytery meets, let your
Spirit rule, so that our church may be joined in
love and service to Jesus Christ, who, having
gone before us, is coming to meet us in the
promise of your kingdom.  Amen.

For Courage in Christ’s Mission

Toyhiko Kagawa (1888‑1960) O God, show us
clearly the heart of the kingdom of God. We
do not protest even if our life is destined to lead
to the cross, or if the way leads to our losing
our lives. We will march in the face of distress
and contrary winds. Teach us how to dispense
with unnecessary thing. Let us go forward
without fear of death in order to fulfill our
mission simply, surely, and steadily. Reveal to
us our station clearly, and strengthen us to
teach and guide, by our example, all persons,
even those who are ruled by evil. We pray that
you may find us worthy to work through us.