Mason City FPC Cubby Project

May 8, 2024

Mason City First Presbyterian Church
Helping Hurricane Victims and Volunteers

Supporting the Lord’s people who are helping the Lord’s people in need.

In March 2023, Rolling Fork, MS was hit hard by an EF-4 tornado resulting in damages or destruction to 80% of the town’s buildings including 300 homes. With local housing so limited many residents are displaced to communities 20-50 miles away. The town lost its fire department, police station, a water tower and many businesses. Despite these challenges, it is heartening to see Rolling Fork make its way back as a community.

Leland Presbyterian Church, approximately 20 miles from Rolling Fork, after being approved by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, took on the overwhelming task of hosting volunteer work teams for the next 3-4 years. They converted their education building into a host site and plan to build additional space to support long term disaster recovery efforts.

Beds, bedding, showers, and kitchen space are provided to volunteer teams by the Leland, MS church, however there are limited places for volunteers to store personal items in the converted classrooms; thus, the “Cubby Project.” Our generous church family of First Presbyterian Church of Mason City donated over $2000 for the supplies and paint. Our Mission Ministry Team partnered with many congregation members who built and painted the storage cubicles. Twenty (20) cubbies will be delivered to Leland, MS the first week of May 2024. These cubbies will provide a space for each disaster recovery volunteer to hang her/his clothes and store personal items when working in Rolling Fork.