Westminster Presbyterian Church – Waterloo, IA
Contact Pastor Dan Voigt at 319-234-5501 or email

Title:  Pastor of Care and Visitation
Reports To:  Senior Pastor/Head of Staff
Status:  25% Time (on average 10 hrs/week annually)
Purpose:  Provide pastoral care to church members and leadership in congregational care to the members of Westminster Presbyterian Church.


  • Possesses a strong commitment to God through Jesus Christ
  • Three references and background checks
  • Ordination would enhance the performance of this position
  • Able to move freely in and out of different care settings (homes, churches, nursing homes, and hospitals)
  • Able to speak in a public forum

Preferred Experience, Skills and Abilities:

  • Spiritual Maturity: Shows strong personal depth and spiritual grounding; demonstrates integrity by walking the talk, and by responding with constancy of purpose; is seen by others as trustworthy and authentic; nurtures a rich spiritual life; seeks wisdom and guidance of appropriate mentors; and ability to articulate a clear and consistent theology.
  • Pastoral Care: Demonstrates the ministry of presence; creates a spirit of openness that invites those who are spiritually or emotionally troubled to confide in her/him; demonstrates appropriate pastoral care boundaries; recognizing his or her on limitations as a care provider; respects confidences; and appropriately refers congregants to other professional care providers as warranted.
  • Visitation: Moves comfortably and easily around those who are ill or suffering; generates a sense of calm, hopeful presence; offers appropriate prayers and facilitates rituals that invite healing; demonstrates appropriate personal boundaries when caring for the ill and dying; and stands as a calm, sure presence in the face of death.
  • Developing Others: Provides others with information and tasks that develop skills for congregational care; sets clear objectives and measures, monitors process, progress, and results; able to motivate volunteers and members; empowers others; invites shared input and decision making.
  • Preaching/Worship Leadership: Is a consistently effective preacher; able to inspire from the pulpit; communicates a clear, consistent, and relevant message; crafts worship flow that reinforces a theme or purpose; fosters worship moments that invite participants into an encounter with the divine; creates liturgical moments that embrace the world of the people in worship.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Visit members who need care (i.e., hospital visits, nursing home visits, home visits, home communion). Visits will be coordinated with Senior Pastor/Head of Staff.
  • Act as staff liaison to the Deacons.
    • Attends meeting of the Deacons.
    • Develops a board of Deacons who can offer helpful care to church members in times of need.
    • Informs staff and church leadership of ministry programs of the Deacons.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Occasionally preach and lead in worship services; particularly when the Senior Pastor is away.