Marshalltown’s update on the WellSpring Missions (WSM)

by | Aug 25, 2021 | News

WellSpring Missions (WSM) sends its greetings and thanks to the Family of First Presbyterian Church.

2020 was a most difficult time in South Sudan. Not only was the country impacted by the same Covid-19 pandemic as the rest of the world, but Mother Nature was not kind, particularly in Jonglei Province, which is where WellSpring Missions has been working to provide clean water to Fangak County. As you will see in the pictures, Fangak County has been devastated with floods. Two seasons of life-giving crops have been destroyed. Homes and villages have been lost; livestock has been killed. Fortunately, the wells that WSM have previously dug are still operational at this time—it was just not possible to drill additional wells through all of 2020 and now into 2021. We pray that with the dry season starting in October, drilling will be able to be done again.

James Ruach, Executive Director of WSM, who has been to our congregation, wrote the following upon visiting Fangak County:
Wellspring Missions (WSM) has been drilling wells since 2012 in Fangak County, but in 2020, the organization’s (WSM) well drilling activities have been delayed due to flooding’s devastation impact. The entire county has been devastated by heavy floods and precipitation (rainfalls) in which the whole area has been destroyed and affected by overflows of Zeraf and Nile Rivers respectively. Now the whole county is under water and people are living under dykes in Old Fangak & other villages.

Thank you for all the support through these years. The rigs that you purchased still function, and the teams are ready to take them over for themselves.

As conditions on the ground improve, WSM will forward updates to you.
—Greg Brown